Fighting For Driving Games: The Samurai Way
Fighting For Driving Games: The Samurai Way

Fighting For Driving Games: The Samurai Way

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Learning Spanish can seem overwhelming at first, I know it was for me. You start thinking about how hard it could be (I mean an entire language, that can't be easy). Every one has been told that to make a big task simple just break it down into steps. Learning Spanish is no different. Here are some simple steps to follow when trying learn Spanish.

1. Decide What You Want Learn.

Do you want to completely master the Spanish language and all of it's details? Do you just want to be fluent enough to get by when you need it? How long do you have to learn Spanish, days, weeks, months, or years? Most people just want to be proficient. Being fairly fluent can go a long ways in day to day conversation. Many people will skip this step and when they are done learning Spanish they either realized that they spent time learning more than needed to or have not yet learned enough. Save yourself the headache and decide how much you want to learn now.

2. Choose a Program that Suits Your Needs

You will most likely have to spend some money on this step but it is well worth it. You don't need to break the bank, just find an online program that suits your needs and your budget. Many of these courses can get you to a basic level of fluency in a matter of weeks. You will learn the commonly used words and phrases and can learn more from there.

There are numerous great programs online, but some will take months instead of weeks to get the results that you want. If you have months, this may be a better option for you because these programs are less intensive than cramming everything into a few weeks. This is why step one is important. Pick a program that suits your needs in the time frame that you have available to you.

3. Watch Television

Sounds great doesn't it? It really works find a Spanish station that you like and watch it with the subtitles on. This way you will be hearing Spanish spoken at its usual rate of delivery and in a normal everyday setting. Make sure that you are repeating what the actors say as you are reading the subtitles. This will help everything sink in a little faster. Listening to and repeating a native speaker will never hurt and will also allow your brain to learn learn normal use of the language.

If you can find a topic that really interests you (mine was sports) then learning Spanish can be even easier. I would watch my favorite games in Spanish. This way I was interested in the content and learned Spanish doing something that I would be doing anyways. It makes learning feel much more natural and stress free.

These are the three simple steps to learning Spanish. Decide what you need to learn and how long you have to learn it. Then pick a program that suits your needs. Finally, watch some television as it will allow you to relax while listening and speaking in an all Spanish environment.